What is Fit in 15?

Every morning the whole school take part in 15 minutes of physical activity. Some days we walk or run, some days we do dancing, fitness routines, circuits and more. Please see our blog for updates.

Fit in 15

Learning French in Fit in 15

We are using a French routine in Fit in 15 to help us get fit and learn French at the same time


Activities in Fit in 15

We have been trying some new things in Fit in 15

Fit in 15!

After discussion with the children and parents, we have decided that we would like to try other things as well as the Daily Mile so we are going to do 15 minutes of physical activity each day (some days this will be the mile). This might be things like dancing, hula hooping, skipping, circuits... We're calling it "Fit in 15" - watch here for more examples of what we are doing.


When the weather is too bad to be outside, we do dancing instead - it's fun!


Running together

We all ran the course together - hard work but fun!

Setting the course

P4 - 7 have measured a wet weather course round the school (9 times) and a dry weather course on the field (4 laps). They also created a risk assessment to make sure that everyone stays safe.

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