Our class news

Using what we have

This term we have learned about materials and how to join them. We have been designing and making our own models.

Made in Orkney

We are learning about things in Orkney.

We have been cooking using Orkney ingredients

We visited the Shapinsay kirk with Rev Julia


Bear stories

We are learning about stories with bears in them.

We acted out "We're going on a bear hunt" and "Whatever next"

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch

We have been learning about the Lighthouse Keeper stories.

We made our own lighthouses and learned how to make an electrical circuit so that our lighthouses could light up.

Term 3 - Stories

Our new topic this term is stories.

We found out that there are lots of different types of stories and that they are called genres.

We thought about some characters in stories we knew.

We thought about our favourite stories and made a display in the reading corner.

In Art we made collages of our favourite characters.

More of our learning about Space

Here is some more of our work about space.

We made models at home and brought them in.

P2 and P3 each researched a planet in our solar system.

Learning about space

Our topic for term 2 is Space. Look at all the things we have been doing!

Reading non fiction books to find out about space.

Using our fine motor skills to carefully colour. We are making a rocket.

Playing in our space role play area. We have made mission control, a rocket (thanks Ian) and our reading corner is a planet.

Writing postcards from space.

Writing our own space maths problems.

Making a space puzzle.



Learning about animals

In Term one our topic was about animals. We did lots of learning, including some visits.

We learned lots in term one.



Visiting Lunch Club

We went to Lunch Club to interview them about their favourite toys. We have been learning about questions and using question marks so we made our own questionnaires. P2 and 3 even learned how to create a table in Word and made their own.

Lunch Club were really interesting and we enjoyed learning about how the toys were different in the past.


Our new topic is about Toys.

We have been playing with the toys we already have and making up our own toy worlds.

We are learning the names of some toys in French.

Our new role play area is a toy shop. In maths we have been learning about money so that we can use our maths skills in the toy shop.

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