School Pets

We have 3 pets in our school.


Minty the goldfish lives in the Pups' Room.



In November 2012 we had 2 new additions to the school when the guinea pigs came to live with us.

Their names are Patchy and Miss Squeakalot. Sadly Miss Squeakalot died in March 2015.

patchy miss s

So that Patchy didn't get lonely, Sheepy and Chocolate came to live with us.

Sheepy sadly died in December 2016.

They live in the corridor and when it is nice enough they go in their outside run.

The children take it in turns to put them out and feed them. Sometimes the children help to clean them out (although, if we are honest, Ian does most of that!)

They are getting much more confident with us now.

We like playing with the guinea pigs.

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