Sheila Garson came in to tell us the story of Davie Rendall, who came from Shapinsay and fought in the trenches in France in World War One.

We saw some letters that he had sent home to Shapinsay to his parents. Some of the writing had been censored before it was sent.

Davie was injured. This is the information sent to his family in Shapinsay.

Fortunately Davie survived, but one piece of shrapnel was still in his hand until it came out 60 years later! This is it:

Davie was given a medal by the people of Shapinsay in recognition of his service.

Seeing the artefacts, and seeing (and feeling) Davie's uniform really brought home to us that World War One affected people in Shapinsay. Many thanks to Sheila for bringing this all in to show us, and for talking to us about Davie Rendall's story.



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