Pups (Nursery & Preschool)

There are 6 children in the Pups base;  Sue is our teacher. This is our classroom


To see our class news, please look at our blog.


Seals (Class P1 - P3)

There are 9 children in the Seals class; 4 P1s, 1 P2 and 4 P3s. The Seals are taught by Miss Clements and Mrs Bews.

This is our classroom

To see what we've been up to, why not visit our class blog?


Selkies (Class P4 - P7)

The P4 - 7 children are in the Selkies Class. At the moment there are 16 children; 6 P4s, 3 P5s, 3 P6s and 4 P7s. Miss Angier teaches the Selkies.

This is our classroom.

To find out what the P4 - P7 students have been doing, please click on our blog.

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