Pups (Nursery & Preschool)

There are 5 children in the Pups base;  Sue is our teacher in the mornings and Laura teaches us on Thursday afternoons. This is our classroom


To see our class news, please look at our blog.


Seals (Class P1 - P3)

There are 8 children in the Seals class; 1 P1, 4 P2s and 3 P3s. The Seals are taught by Miss Clements and Mrs Bews.

This is our classroom

To see what we've been up to, why not visit our class blog?


Selkies (Class P4 - P7)

The P4 - 7 children are in the Selkies Class. At the moment there are 15 children; 1 P4, 4 P5s, 6 P6s and 4 P7s. Miss Angier teaches the Selkies.

This is our classroom.

To find out what the P4 - P7 students have been doing, please click on our blog.

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