Our Nature Blog

Identifying trees

We have lots of different trees in our grounds; sycamore, ash, rowan, conifers and cherry. We used an identification chart to find out which ones they were.



One of the children found a caterpillar and it made a chrysalis and turned into a butterfly! It came to school so we could see it and then we set it free in the courtyard garden.


Stanley found a hedgehog and brought it in to show us.

Plants around school

P1 - 3 went on a plant hunt round school. We found lots of daisies, dandelions and daffodils growing in the grass. There are also lots of small trees.

Shapinsay Wildlife

We will be keeping a record of the wildlife that we find in Shapinsay.

Shapinsay has a lot of wildlife including killer whales, seals, otters and many birds, such as curlews, redshanks, gulls and pheasants. The seals spend a lot of time on the beaches. That is where they have their babies.

Orkney does not have any foxes, squirrels or badgers but these do live in the rest of Scotland.

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