One of the things we wanted to find out about was Black Holes. In Philosophy we chose to talk about them. We had two questions - how are Black Holes made? What happens if you go through a Black Hole?

We researched on the internet to see if we could find the answers to the questions. We used this website to find out, and we found out that Black Holes are made when a star implodes. We also found out that nothing can escape a Black Hole, so no one knows what happens if you go through a Black Hole so we talked about this in Philosophy.

We used the model Black Hole that Ian made for us to help us explain our ideas, and we had some very interesting ones - ranging from Black Holes creating new stars to allowing time travel. What do you think?

We also learned that scientists are watching a gas cloud travelling towards a Black Hole at the moment, and this is very exciting as no-one has ever seen this before. We will be adults before it goes into the Black Hole!

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