We read the story "Dragons and Giants" and have been thinking about what brave means.

What do you think? Here are some of our questions:

What is the snake's name?

Can you be afraid and brave?

Is being afraid really the opposite of being brave, because if you didn't have fears you would have nothing to face - nothing would be scary and you need something scary to be brave.

Why do they need to be brave?

Are they brave?

Are Frog and Toad scared?

How are the people in the story brave?

Why did they say they were not afraid even if they were?

How did the people kill the dragons and the giants?

How do you look brave?

What do Frog and Toad think of the snake and the eagle?

Are they braver than before after they have seen all these things?

Why did they keep going when they met the snake?

Do you have to experience things to be brave?

Are they being brave all along?

Why do Frog and Toad want to be brave?



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