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We made mummies!

Weighing the heart

The Ancient Egyptians believed that when they died they had to travel through the Underworld. Their hearts were weighed against a feather. If your heart was lighter than the feather (because you had been good) then you could get to the land just like Egypt. If you had been bad then your heart was gobbled up.

We weighed our toys to see which were heavier and lighter. Luckily none of them got gobbled up though!


In maths we did an investigation about pattern. We made pyramids using cups and had to work out what the pattern was. We were really good at it!

Then we made the biggest pyramid we could. The big class came to look and were really impressed!

Look at all the pyramids we have made!

Tutankhamun masks!

Don't they look great!

Which rock would be best to build a pyramid?

Today we experimented on 4 different rocks to find out which one would make the best pyramid. We tested them in water and rubbed them with sandpaper to see if they would stand up to the Orkney weather! Most of us thought red sandstone was the best. P2 and P3 recorded their results in a table, well done!



We made our own shadufs. Shadufs were used by the Ancient Egyptians to get water from the Nile.

Flooding the Nile

This week we are learning about farming in Ancient Egypt. We used the sand tray to make the River Nile and made it flood into the canals we built to irrigate the fields!

Pyramids and Pharaohs!

We have been having lots of fun learning about Egyptians! Thank you to Guille for lending us the pyramid and boat!

P1s made their own pyramids too

Ancient Eqypt websites

After Christmas the children have chosen to learn about Ancient Egypt.

Here are some websites about Ancient Egypt.

Discovering Egypt

Ancient Egypt and the land of the Pharaohs

Ancient Egypt (written by children)

Birmingham museum

Make a Mummy

Manchester University site

If you find any other good websites for us to use please let Miss Clements know so a link can be posted here.

Watching the Weather

We have been watching the weather forecast each day using this link.

Weather forecast for children

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