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Rangoli patterns for Diwali

We designed Rangoli patterns with rotational symmetry.

Orcadian Dialect

We have been trying to learn more about the Orcadian Dialect as we think people should use it more. Pupil Council have made it one of their targets too. We have created an Orkney words display (P1 - 3 liked our work so much they wanted to do some too). Can you guess what the words mean? Lift the flaps (if you're in school; it's a bit tricky on the web) to find out....

We have also had Councillor Harvey Johnson helping us - he presents the Radio Orkney word game Wassigo and went through some Orkney poems with us.

Music Compositions

We have been creating sound effects and working together to make compositions for Halloween and Bonfire Night.

Stick chain reactions

We have been learning about how energy is stored. We learned how to make a chain stick reaction - they were really impressive!

Click here to find out more about the science!


We have been doing art in the style of Keith Haring. We used small black lines to show movement.

African clay masks

We have been making masks - aren't they great?

Heart experiments

We have been experimenting to find out why the heart beats at different rates when exercising and when at rest.

Residential trip to Hoy

10 of us went to Hoy - have a look at the latest news page to see more!

Worm charming

We are learning about animals this term, and we went outside to do some worm charming!

It worked, we got a worm!

We took it inside for a closer look.


World War 2 Models

The children made some great models at home; well done!

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