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This term P4 - 7 are learning about electricity. They have designed and made their own torches.

P7 trip to Lagganlia

P7 had a great time. Photos to come soon!

P4 - 6 trip to Hoy

P4 - 6 had a great time in Hoy. Thanks to everyone who supported us with funding the trip and to Darren for coming with us.

Celia's diary of the trip





A trip to the Bird Hide

We went to visit the Bird Hide at the Mill Dam in Shapinsay with Paul, the RSPB warden.

College trip

We had a trip to the Orkney College to have a tour of the college and learn more about Archaeology.

Thank you very much to the people at Orkney College who helped us have a great day out!

Paper mache creations

We designed them on paper first, then we made the shape from junk, like cardboard boxes and old newspapers. We then covered it newspaper dipped in wallpaper paste, then painted them. This process took a few weeks as we had to wait for each layer to dry before we could add the new layer.  


Here are the finished models.

Poinsettia pictures

In art we made poinsettia pictures using chalk and oil pastels. We then took photos of the pictures and edited them using Picasa. We picked our four favourite pictures and made a collage.



Science open day

On Friday the 20th of November we invited parents to come in to school for a science investigation on pendulums. We split into groups and decided which variable we were going to use to do our experiment.Some people decided to change the weight of the pendulum and some people changed the length of the string.

We planned  our experiment and discussed what our outcome might be. 

We repeated our experiment three to five times for each variable to get an average. We timed how long ten swings took.

We found that the weight of the pendulum didn't make any difference to the speed of the pendulum.

We found that the shorter the string, the faster the pendulum swung.

Thank you to all the parents who came in to help.

Shading artwork

We created shading artwork by painting an A3 sheet of paper, we shaded the colours together and made it darker at the top and bottom and blended the two colours in the middle. Then we picked an animal picture and we either traced it or cut it out onto another sheet of coloured paper.

Here are some pictures of the tracing and cutting out process.

Here we are with our finished work, which is on display in the school.


Zentangle Pumpkins

We drew zentangles which are drawings created using lines and filled with patterns.

Here are some of our finished zentangles.

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