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Pirates Versus Mermaids!

In March we will be performing our pantomime of Pirates Versus Mermaids, so this term we will be learning about Stories from the Sea (including both Pirates and Mermaids).

So far we have been thinking about our role play areas. Some of us started to make a small world area with sea creatures.

We wanted a Pirate Ship, and we are really lucky as Ian found us a real boat that has been previously used in Shapinsay for a play.

Before the boat was tied up so we can use it as a role play area, Ian gave us all a ride in the hall!

We are going to try to make the rocket that we had last term into a submarine.


Our Open Afternoon about Space

Today we invited parents and people from the community to come in and hear our talks about what we have been learning about Space. It was great as lots of people came and all the children performed their talks really well. Everyone got a chance to show their models and their books that they have made about space. Well done everyone!

Problem Solving

Today we played these games.... Be warned, they are a bit addictive!

Santa adding game

Stacking presents onto Santa's sleigh

Getting sugar into cups

Shooting baubles

Making powerpoints

We worked in groups to make powerpoints. We had to learn how to insert text and photos.


Rockets powerpoint

Tim Peake powerpoint

Space powerpoint



One of the questions we had was "are aliens real?". We watched this to see if it could tell us:

BBC Newsround clip

We found out that scientists don't know, although they know that there must be water for aliens to survive.

We did some philosophy about aliens and came up with the following questions:

  • Is there a Santa alien?

Do aliens celebrate?

Do aliens have horns?

Is there a God alien?

Do aliens build UFOs?

Did aliens start life?

What are aliens made out of?

Are aliens spies?

Do aliens poo and wee?

Where do they live?

What do aliens do?

Do you hear aliens?

How long have scientists been searching for them?

What colour are aliens?

Do they have technology?

Do aliens exist?

We talked about some of these ideas, and we all gave good reasons for our thoughts. Then we all did some work about aliens in our space topic books.

Space Models

Our homework this term was to make a model related to Space. We have started bringing them to school. Aren't they fantastic!

Well done everybody (and to the parents who helped at home) - they are fantastic!


Phases of the Moon

We have been learning why the Moon looks different at night. We watched this video

We used Jaffa cakes to help us remember the phases...


Making Space Buggies

One of the things we wanted to do as part of the Space topic was make Space Buggies using Knex. Miss Clements has given us the challenge of working in groups to design and create a buggy. Here we are working on them.

We will post more photos (and maybe videos) when they are finished. We also have to evaluate against the Success Criteria  - did we create a space buggy and did we work well as a team?

Here are the finished buggies:





Painting the moon.

In art P1-P3 have been making their own textured paint to create textured moon pictures. They also flicked paint and added glitter to create a space look. 

Here they are being made.‚Äč

Here are the finished moon pictures.



Space songs!

We found some cool space songs - here is one of them!


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