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Classifying animals

We learned that animals can be split into 2 main groups - those with a backbone (vertebrates) and those without a backbone (invertebrates). Vertebrates can be split into 5 main groups - birds, fish, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. We made a display to show the different groups and which explained what animals within each group have in common.


We learned that animals live in different habitats. We thought about which animals lived in which habitat by playing a sorting game. Then we chose 4 habitats to illustrate. At the end we discussed how animals are adapted to live in different habitats.

We learned how to play golf

Kirsty Spence from Active Schools came to school from Kirkwall, to teach P1-7 some golf skills. It was a lot of fun. 

Carnival of the Animals

In music we have been listening to Saint-Saen's "Carnival of the Animals". He used instruments to create different animals. We listened to some of his compositions and tried to work out how he had created the different effects. Then we all thought of an animal and chose an instrument that we thought could make that sound. Here are our sounds - can you tell what animals they are?



More about animals

We have been playing with and looking after the guinea pigs.

We have been playing in the vets role play area.

We have been enjoying finding out about birds in our bird hide reading area.

We had fun making up our own animal anagrams (although we did find out it is important to check we have the correct spelling to start with!)


Animals topic

This term we are learning about animals. We have been working together to set up some areas in the classroom - a vet, a bird hide and a jungle!

Our learning this term

We have finished our Pirates Vs Mermaids topic and we stuck all our work in our books. Each of us explained which our favourite piece of work was and why.


J'aime les pirates et les sirenes!

In French we have been learning j'aime and je n'aime pas. We had to say whether we liked or didn't like pirates or mermaids in French.

Then we dressed up Camembear!

Camembear said "J'aime les pirates et les sirenes!"


Advertising our show

We made posters to advertise "Pirates Versus Mermaids" - we want lots of people to come and see it!

Being archaeologists

Did you know that a school in Edinburgh found what they think is a pirate skeleton underneath their playground? You can read about it by clicking here.

We wondered what we could find and we wanted to have a go at being archaeologists. The big class had been learning about this too and it looked really interesting. Mr Ross very kindly said we could use their archaeology tools too.

We found lots of interesting things and it was fun learning what archaeologists do.

We had to wash our finds carefully.


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