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Model Gardens

We designed and made model gardens...

What do plants need?

We did an experiment to find out what plants need to grow healthily. Each group tested one thing and kept everything else the same so that it was fair.

One group tested light. Can you tell which plant was in the dark and which got lots of sun?

The next group of plants tested soil. Which one has no soil?

The last group tested water.

From our experiment results, we think plants grow best with lots of soil, lots of sun and about 15ml water per day.

Planting in the polytunnel

We have been weeding the beds in the polytunnel, ready to plant seeds!

More plants!

We have been playing in our role play garden centre

We made a game in maths to help us learn our number bonds to 10, 20 and 100. You have to put the right flowers in to make the number on the pot.

In reading we used non-fiction books to make notes about what the different parts of plants do. Then we used our notes to make posters about them, thinking very carefully about our presentation.


Learning about plants

This term we are learning about plants.

We drew the daffodils and made a display of our best handwriting of Wordsworth's poem

We have been planting seeds too - so far they are in small pots and we will repot them when they are bigger. We are growing flowers and herbs so far.

Our trip to Ancient Orkney

We went to the Standing Stones of Stenness and the Barnhouse Village - here are some of us in a neolithic bed!

We visited Maes Howe - an ancient Orcadian tomb!

We went to Skara Brae - a neolithic village.

We had a great time comparing Ancient Orkney and Ancient Egypt!

Joseph and his colourful coat

In RME we've been learning about the story of Joseph from the Old Testament. He was taken as a slave into Egypt but ended up saving everyone from the famine!

Ancient Egyptian art

We have been doing some work with Miss Angier in art, inspired by our topic of Ancient Egypt.

Funky Mummy!

We played the funky mummy maths game - it was fun!



We made our own papyrus (it was quite messy!) and when it dried we drew on it. It wasn't as smooth as modern paper.

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