Our class news

Making circuits

We have been learning how to make circuits in science. We managed to make light bulbs work!

Light Sources

We played this game today to identify light sources.

Light Sources Game

Bonfire Night

We have started our topic about Light. We made a night time display ourselves in ILT

We have been thinking about Bonfire Night and how to stay safe.

Visiting the cathedral and the library in Kirkwall.

We went on a visit to the cathedral. We got a bit wet walking from the boat to the cathedral!

We went inside and Fran told us more about the story of St Magnus. We saw the pillar where his bones are buried.

Then we went to the library and chose some new books before we went home.

Human Body - the Skeleton and parts of the body

Our new topic is the Human Body. We played a game (you can find it here - just click on the human body game) where we had to drag and drop the labels in the right place.

Then we looked at the skeleton. We looked at a video and at our model skeleton before we made our own from art straws and paper.

New planters

Parent Council have very kindly bought us some new planters. We have been planting the plants which we have grown this term.


Learning about plants that grow in Shapinsay

We have been learning about plants which grow around the school and finding out how to identify them.

Weeding and harvesting

Things have been growing in the polytunnel. Sadly some were weeds so we had to weed the beds. We found some radishes and a leek that were ready for harvest though!

Model Gardens

We designed and made model gardens...

What do plants need?

We did an experiment to find out what plants need to grow healthily. Each group tested one thing and kept everything else the same so that it was fair.

One group tested light. Can you tell which plant was in the dark and which got lots of sun?

The next group of plants tested soil. Which one has no soil?

The last group tested water.

From our experiment results, we think plants grow best with lots of soil, lots of sun and about 15ml water per day.

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