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Pyramids and Pharaohs!

We have been having lots of fun learning about Egyptians! Thank you to Guille for lending us the pyramid and boat!

P1s made their own pyramids too

Ancient Eqypt websites

After Christmas the children have chosen to learn about Ancient Egypt.

Here are some websites about Ancient Egypt.

Discovering Egypt

Ancient Egypt and the land of the Pharaohs

Ancient Egypt (written by children)

Birmingham museum

Make a Mummy

Manchester University site

If you find any other good websites for us to use please let Miss Clements know so a link can be posted here.

Watching the Weather

We have been watching the weather forecast each day using this link.

Weather forecast for children

The Water Cycle

We have been learning about the Water Cycle. We used a lamp to be the sun. When we put ice on top of the box the water vapour condensed into clouds and we made rain!

Independent Learning Time

Today some of the children had some good ideas for things they could do in ILT.

Some children made a suitcase and then took it on a journey!

In maths today we were learning about heavy and light things so some children weighed the dinosaurs in ILT. There were quite a lot of dinosaurs to weigh! Miss Clements was very impressed with how well the pile of dinosaurs stayed up too!



Today we found a great website where we could make fireworks explode on the whiteboard! The preschool children came to play too.

Some of us have been making potions with different liquids and solids to see what happens.

Our next topic - Weather!

After the October holidays, P1 - P3 will be learning about weather. Today we worked together to create mind maps of what we already know.

We have lots of questions which we would like to answer next term:

How does the sun make water evaporate?

How does the sun shine?

How does the snow fall?

How are icicles made?

Why do farmers need different weather?

How is weather different around the world?

How are storms made?

How are floods caused?

How do the clouds make rain?

Where does weather come from?

What is the sun made of?

How is wind made?

How is the sea made?

How does the sun rise up when it's morning?



Today Ms Reid was in teaching us Art. Look at our fantastic owls!



Our Community topic - August to October 2013

This term we've been finding out about our community. We've been on lots of visits to different places and we have also been updating the "Our Community" part of this website. We made a great display of some of our work, including watercolours of buildings in Shapinsay, models that the children made at home and a map showing where things are on the island.

Here we are visiting the Smithy. We had ice creams and played with the toys there.

We went upstairs to the Heritage Centre and looked at the things there.


We visited the shop too.

John and Lorna came in to visit us with the ambulance.

We went to the fire station too, and we all fit in the appliance at once!

We have been doing some typing about Shapinsay and learning how to insert photos into our work. To see our Shapinsay work please click here and go to the P1 - 3 Shapinsay Work folder.

Our Animals Work - Summer 2013

The children have been working really hard on their animals topic. Here we are playing in the vet!

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