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Playing in the hospital

We have turned the shed into a hospital.

We realised that we needed a drip so we made one.

We didn't think Miss Clements was a very good patient!

Spreading germs!

We learned about how easy it is to spread germs by using vaseline and glitter. It got everywhere!

We now know how important it is to wash hands and to use a tissue!

What my body can do

We took photos of each other. P3 made powerpoints.

Powerpoint 1


Do the tallest people have the biggest feet?
We have been investigating. We worked in groups to answer the question after making our predictions.

What's inside my body?

P2 and P3 drew around each other and then drew what is inside their bodies.

Different resources from the classroom helped us work out where things went.

ILT outside

It was really sunny this morning and lots of us chose to work outside in Independent Learning Time. Nursery and preschool children joined us too.


Role playing doctors

We have been having lots of fun setting up and playing with our role play area this term. As we are learning about the human body we have a doctors surgery role play area as well as an ambulance.

We worked together to make our ambulance. It has backwards writing on the bonnet so that car drivers can read it in the mirror.

Doesn't it look great!

We are enjoying the playmobile hospital too.

End of term - and getting ready for next term!

The children did such a fantastic job of tidying the classroom and filing their work for the end of term that we had time to start thinking about what we will be learning about after the summer. The next topic will be the Human Body and we set up a small world area for the hospital and made our role play area into a doctor's surgery. We even had time for a little bit of playing with them...

Light experiment results

We have been looking at what has happened to the plants. At first it looked like the seeds in the cupboard were growing the best which surprised us, but after a couple of weeks this is what has happened:

The plant on the left is the one that was on the window sill. It looks much stronger, is darker green and has bigger leaves. The one in the middle was in the corner of the classroom. It is green and has small leaves. The one on the right was in the cupboard. It is yellow and very tall. We think it grew so tall because it was trying to find light. We think our experiment shows that plants need light to grow healthily.

Light experiment

We are trying to find out whether plants need light to grow healthily. We have put plants in 3 different places and we used a data logger to measure how much light there was in each place.

In the cupboard the data logger recorded 4.5LX


In the corner of the room we measured 45LX and in the window sill we measured 9000LX!

To make sure it is a fair test all the plants will be watered each day. We planted the same seeds in all the pots too - our only variable is the amount of light the plants get.

We have all predicted that the plants in the window sill will grow well, but we aren't sure what will happen to the others - we look forward to finding out!

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