The Pups News

Getting ready for Santa!

Oh no! Nursery doesn't have a fireplace so how can Santa come down the chimney? We made a fireplace! Isn't it great? P1 - P3 helped too - we did well painting the fireplace and making the fire (it's only pretend!)

Making potions!

We made magic potions for Halloween!

Exploring Nursery

We have been exploring nursery and having fun with all the resources.

People Who Help Us


Dr Taylor came to visit us.  She listened to our hearts and checked our reflexes.  We looked in Ms Kirkpatrick's ear.

People Who Help Us


Sue took us to the post office to see Mervyn the postman and Sheena.

We wrote postcards and posted them in the postbox.

We stamped our post.

We helped unload the postvan and watched Mervyn sort the post.

People Who Help Us


Our finished fire-engine complete with hose!

We made a fire fighting display.  Our water is made from bubble painting.

People Who Help Us


We made our own fire engine out of a big box and set up a fire station in preschool with costumes and hoses.

People Who Help Us


Darren and Scott, two of the Shapinsay Firefighters came to visit us with the fire engine.  We tried on helmets and had a go with the hose.

People Who Help Us

The Hairdresser


Samantha came and told us all about her work as a hairdresser.  We spoke about keeping our hair clean.


We made Easter bonnets.

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