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Learning about the sea

This term we are learning about the sea.

We have been playing with sea creatures in the sand.

We have been having fun playing in boats and submarines

We have done some fantastic art, creating mermaids and sea creatures


Mistletoe the elf

The nursery have a special visitor this month, Mistletoe the elf has come all the way from the North Pole to check on their behaviour and have some fun. He went looking for cheese then fell in the fridge.

He took photocopies of himself.

He also hid in the Head Teacher's office!

He has been reading books in the nursery.

He found a bucket of sweeties left over from Halloween.

Mistletoe went into space on p1-3s rocket.

And rode a space buggy.

He sneaked into Ian's office.

He looked in the post box.

He admired a rainbow painting.

He hid in the Christmas tree for fun.




Making scones for Children in need

Pre-school made some cheese scones for the Children in need bake sale.

Learning about healthy snacks for our teeth

The dentists came in today and we learned about foods that are healthy for our teeth that we should eat for snack. We practised brushing our teeth too!


This term we are very interested in animals because we have new pets! Charlie the puppy came in to see us!

Camembear's new outfit!

We made Camembear an outfit for ballet!

Making Potions!

We made potions today! Using the test tubes and pipettes was fun. P1 - 3 came to help us.

Trip to Library

We went to the library. We had stories, songs, parachute games, went on a butterfly hunt, did drawings and made bookmarks, got our pirate packs and we really enjoyed our visit! No wonder the Orkney Library is the best in the country!


We found ladybirds in Nursery today!


I wonder if we found them all?

Exciting things in Nursery

We have been having fun in Nursery - we have been planning all the things we want to do!

Playing with the trains:


Learning how to use the camera:

Messy play with jelly!

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