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Fire Station and Kirk

Today we went to visit the fire station and kirk.

At the fire station Scott and Darren showed us round. We got to go in the appliance!

Scott and Darren showed us how they rescue a casualty.

We got to have a go with the hose too!

Then we went to the kirk where Rev Julia told us about her job and about the kirk. We did a treasure hunt to find different things in the kirk.

Baking in the Smithy

We've been decorating buns in the Smithy role play area.

Being Cartographers

We worked together to make our own map of Shapinsay. We included important places to us.

la chasse a l'ours

We have some very exciting news!

Sue came into our classroom - with a letter.... for Camembear!

We helped Camembear open it....

and inside was a letter from Brie, explaining she was coming to live in Shapinsay. We were very excited!

The next day Sue read us (and Nursery) the story of "We're going on a bear hunt". We acted out the story with Camembear.

Miss Clements found us the story of "We're going on a bear hunt" in French (Camembear had specially requested it)

We could work out what some of it was. Then Sue came in again and said there was someone on the phone for Camembear!

It was Brie! She said that she had arrived in Shapinsay, but she was a bit shy so we would have to go on a bear hunt (la chasse a l'ours) to find her. She gave us a clue - that she had seen the swings so we put on our wellies and headed to the playpark...

through the long grass..... une prairie!

through the river (well it is if you're a peedie bear).... une riviere!

through the mud..... la boue!

through the forest..... une foret!

through the snow (we decided that as the polytunnel was white it probably looked like a heap of snow to Brie).... la neige!

Then we found some clues - some paw prints in the sand and a bag that we thought might have contained Brie's lunch. We looked around for where Brie might be hiding... Where was the cave? Ou la grotte?

Aha - the shed!

and hiding in it....

She even had her phone that she had used to call Camembear!

Camembear and Brie were very pleased to see each other!

Visiting the Smithy and Heritage Centre

We went to visit the Smithy and Heritage Centre.

We had lovely food at the Smithy - thank you! Fiona also told us all the skills you need to run a cafe like the Smithy.

Then we went upstairs to see the Heritage Centre. First we saw all the things that are for sale - made by people in Shapinsay.

Then we looked at all the things on display in the museum part. It was really interesting!

P1 - 3 would recommend a visit to both the Smithy and the Heritage Centre.


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