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We are learning about teeth and why it is important to look after them. To test which liquids are good for teeth we have put eggshell into different liquids. We measured 150ml of each liquid as P3 told us it is important to keep everything the same apart from the one thing that is changing (in this case the liquid) when we are experimenting. P3 also told P1 and P2 that we should have one eggshell not in anything so that we can compare the others to it. We are using eggshells as they are similar to teeth and will react in a similar way.

We have all made predictions about what might happen to the eggshells we have put in milk, coke, diet coke, apple juice, water and nothing. It will be interesting to see what happens!



We use our senses to find out about the world.

We used our sense of taste to try and guess the flavour of crisps (Miss Clements tried to trick us with some unusual flavours!)

When we knew which each flavour was we voted for our favourite and least favourite flavours. We used yellow cubes to put on our favourite flavour and black for the least flavour. It was interesting that we didn't all like the same flavours.

We used our sense of smell to try and guess what was in each cup. We got some right!

To test our sense of hearing we played a sound effect game - we were pretty good at identifying sounds!

Soup and sandwiches

We made carrot soup and made sandwiches to go with it. We had to use our measuring skills to make sure we followed the recipe correctly. P3s did well at reading the scale on the measuring jugs. Nursery children joined in too and we all worked together well. The children thought the soup tasted awesome!

Playing in the hospital

We have turned the shed into a hospital.

We realised that we needed a drip so we made one.

We didn't think Miss Clements was a very good patient!

Spreading germs!

We learned about how easy it is to spread germs by using vaseline and glitter. It got everywhere!

We now know how important it is to wash hands and to use a tissue!

What my body can do

We took photos of each other. P3 made powerpoints.

Powerpoint 1


Do the tallest people have the biggest feet?
We have been investigating. We worked in groups to answer the question after making our predictions.
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