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P7 Soaking!

Today we had our end of term assembly and afterwards we managed to soak the P7s... eventually! The plan was to have them posing for a photo while Ian tipped a wheelbarrow of water over them but sadly we had them standing a little far back and the adults got wetter than the children! So we decided it wasn't enough and the children then had hoses and buckets of water thrown over them!


Well done to the P6s and P7s (and Mrs Sullivan) who gave us a fabulous demonstration of their violin skills today.

The Picnic!

The sun shone and we all had a great time at the Picnic - well done everyone!


Picnic practice

It's the Picnic on Saturday so we have been practising the different events with Mrs Bews.

Money Money Money

We have been deciding how to spend some money. We are very grateful as we received a donation of money to the school and we also raised money through the school sale and by selling DVDs. We all chose what we would like and then met to discuss. We are going to buy new cameras and some new outside toys and will post photos when they are here!


Walking round Balfour Woods

Today we went on our annual walk round the castle woods. Samuel and Amos (who are visiting from Kenya) came with us.

It rained a bit but luckily we all have waterproofs and wellies so it didn't matter. The bluebells were lovely!

A very busy day!

P7 were at Transition Sports today, but the rest of us have done lots of exciting things today as well!

First we all made Cheese straws:

Then after break we did orienteering, including learning symbols and making our own maps:

We also had some time for other things too....

Like playing with the guinea pigs (we were experimenting to find out what food they liked best)

Making a hotwheels track outside:

Playing in the Nursery role play area:

Making models from recycled materials:

It's been quite a busy day, but we all enjoyed it and learned new things. We hope P7 had fun too at Transition Sports.

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