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Hoy Trip

10 children from P4 - 7 along with Ian and Miss Clements went to Hoy for 3 days and 2 nights. We had a great time, having loads of fun coasteering, canoeing, shelter building and lots more. We also had lots of fun preparing for room inspections (Miss Clements and Ian were very happy about this) and visiting the Scapa Flow Visitor Centre.

While we were away we learned new skills; being brave even when it's a bit scary (Ian was brave going on the water and we were all brave jumping from rocks into the water), staying away from home, making beds (or hiding the fact that we didn't know how to put a duvet cover on with great ingenuity) and washing up (you do need hot water and washing up liquid to do this effectively).

We can't wait to visit Hoy again, hopefully for longer next time as there are still loads of things we would like to do! A MASSIVE thank you to all the people who helped us on the trip; Ron, Nigel, Dave, Richie (Mars Bar), the catering team from Stromness Academy for the FANTASTIC food, the team at the Scapa Flow Visitor Centre and to the Shapinsay Development Trust, Community Council and Parent Council who all gave us money towards the cost of the trip.

Venturing across the sea to Hoy on the MV Graemsay.

Bravely entering the water....

Getting a bit braver,,,,

This is easy!

This is so cool!

Ian kept an eye on us from above!

Visiting a magical cave with turquoise water and lots of jellyfish.

Helping each other.

Checking out the next jump.

Watching how to do it,,,,

and having a go!

Getting back out was easier said than done!

Playing chess in the evening,

Getting ready to go canoeing.

"Bouncy aids on!"

Ian conquers his fear of water!

We all sailed together on 4 canoes lashed together.

All together now - blow!

Mars Bar takes it easy!

Some children had a go at paddling on their own.

Team work - make a shelter....


Visiting Lyness Naval Cemetery. We were amazed at how young some people were and sad to see that some graves were of unknown soldiers.

Betty Corrigall's grave.

Enjoying supper!

The oil tank at Scapa Flow Visitor Centre.

Cup of tea?

We like dressing up!

Watching the information film.

Trying to find the answers to the quiz!

Look at me!

Making sure Shapinsay is protected....

What were the women's branch of the Royal Navy called?

Careful balancing!

At the duck pond - we counted 16 ducklings and named all the ducks (Jeff and Humphrey mainly).

Leaving Hoy - tired and happy!

Shapinsay Picnic 2014

On Saturday 21st June the Shapinsay Picnic took place. The children (and adults) did really well and all tried their best. Everyone enjoyed tea and the dance too. Well done everybody!

Peedie Orchestra

We've had a busy couple of days, starting off with great excitement when lots of Aston Martins were on the boat with us! P3 - P7 children went to Kirkwall to take part in the Peedie Orchestra with children from Burray, Rousay, Westray, North Ronaldsay, Papay and Eday schools. We learned 3 songs from Africa and the Caribbean - the theme this year was the Commonwealth Games. Everyone worked really hard and Lucy and everyone from the Scottish Chamber Orchestra were great. P1 and P2 children, some of the preschool children and lots of parents came to watch the concert in the afternoon and then we all went to play in the Tankerness Gardens before the boat home.


Sleepover for the RNLI

We slept over in school ALL NIGHT and raised over £280 for the RNLI - well done everyone!

Bikeability Scotland

All the children from Nursery to P7 have done really well at improving their bike skills. A huge well done to all the children in P4 - 7 who have either passed their Level 1 or 2 Bikeability Scotland, and huge congratulations to the two children who are the first in Orkney to achieve their Level 3! Thanks to Ian and Claire for all your hard work too.

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