Posts From May, 2015

Knex car

We made a Knex car. It uses electricity to move.


Magnetic Games

We have been learning about magnets and we made our own magnetic games. They are fun to play!


We have been learning about forces with Miss Ross. Push and pull are forces - you move objects by pushing or pulling them. You can't see forces but you can see their effect.

First we went to the playpark to explore how we make things move by pushing or pulling them.

We then became scientists and tried to find out what happened when we pushed air with different things (fans, straws and bottles).

We found out that we could push more air with some things than others and that made the object move further. Which do you think pushed more air - the straw, fan or bottle?

Playing with different toys

We are really lucky because lots of people have given us toys to use while we learn about toys. We are really enjoying playing with them!

We have a new tent in the classroom too and it's been fun using it as a cosy reading corner.

Our favourite toys

We each brought in our favourite toys and we did some writing about them. Then we used our IT skills to take photos and insert them into our work on the computer. P3 added borders as well and remembered to use paragraphs.

You can see our work by clicking here.

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