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Mummifying apples

We have been mummifying apples to find out why the Egyptians put bodies in salt.  We predicted that the apple not put in salt would go mouldy and the apple in salt would dry out.

Here is what they look like so far!

Comparing Ancient Egypt with Ancient Orkney

As it's a bit difficult to visit Ancient Egypt we went to visit ancient sites in Orkney.

We went to Maes Howe first. Maes Howe is a tomb which is 5000 years old - even older than the pyramids!

Then we went to Skara Brae. This is a village which is also 5000 years old. We went in the replica house first to see how people in Ancient Orkney lived.

We went to see the real Skara Brae houses too.

We did some activities in the Skara Brae museum where we found out more about the village and how people lived.

Then we went to visit the Ring of Brodgar. This is a big stone circle. We ran around and counted them all but that was quite tricky as some have fallen over.

Lastly we went to the Standing Stones of Stennes where we tested out the echo!

We had a fantastic day. Thanks to all the people at Historic Scotland who met us on the day, to Ian for driving the bus, the Shapinsay Development Trust for letting us use the bus and the Shapinsay Community Council for helping us with funding the trip and to Louise who came with us on the day.

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