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A 5 year plan for Shapinsay

We worked with the Shapinsay Development Trust and Lateral North to create a 3D contour map of the island. We also thought about what we would like to see in Shapinsay over the next 5 years. We had lots of good ideas, and the Trust will now take forward our ideas together with those from the rest of the people on the island.

One comment from the adults working on the 5 year plan was  “If the kids can say what they really think then so can I” - so well done children, you are inspiring the adults on the island!

Outside Space Planning

We worked together with parents and the Shapinsay Development Trust to think about what we would like to have in our new outside spaces. We came up with lots of ideas!

We will hopefully start creating our areas soon!


Some of the students have been geocaching in the holidays.

Geocaching is basically a treasure hunt, where you use map coordinates to find a hidden container with a log book inside.

Some contain swaps and trackable items, like this coin found in Westray which originated in Connecticut in the U.S.A and has travelled through Europe before coming to Orkney.

Dentist Visit

We had a visit from the dentist, we learnt to calculate how much sugar was in food and drink.

We also got new toothbrushes and toothpaste.


Here are some pictures of the visit.

Children in Need - we raised £342.44!!!!!!

Pupil Council have done a great job running our fundraising for Children in Need.

Everybody looks great in their crazy outfits!

This is after face painting - thank you to the parents and helpers from KGS who came in to help face paint and take photos!

Here are the winners of the Crazy Outfit and hair competition (it was REALLY hard to judge!)

In the afternoon we had a bake sale, where LOADS of people came in and joined us for tea, coffee and homebakes. Thank you to everyone who baked, helped make the drinks and who came along and donated so generously.

P1 - 3 have also decided to donate half the money from their recipe books to Children in Need as well.

Pupil Council will be counting all the money on Monday - the total is £342.44! WELL DONE EVERYONE! More than double last year's total!

We Will Remember Them

We have been thinking about Remembrance Day this week. On Sunday lots of us were at the War Memorial and we laid the wreath.

In Art P1 - 3 have done some great watercolour paintings and P4 - 7 made poppies to add to the display.

P4 - 7 have been using the song "Where have all the flowers gone?" as a stimulus in Philosophy. The question we chose to speak about was "What is the meaning of the song?" and we have been thinking in particular about World War 2 and its impact. We have now moved on to think about what would have been different if we could time travel and alter the course of history. What do you think?

Jim Hepburn was 11 at the outbreak of World War 2 and he came in to school to share his memories of living in Shapinsay during the war. It was really interesting learning about what it was like then, and we all consider ourselves very lucky to be living in Shapinsay now rather than during wartime.

We all took part in the 2 minutes silence on the 11th November at 11 a.m.

Children in Need

The Pupil Council are busy getting ready for Children in Need next week - we now have things for sale - £1 or £1.50 for wristbands or £2.50 for ears. Don't forget the bake sale at 2.45 on Friday 13th as well!

Songs for Christmas

These are the songs we are learning for Christmas this year:

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Deck the Halls

We are also learning some other carols too. We look forward to sharing them with everyone nearer Christmas!

A visit from chicks

Karen brought in some chicks to show us today. They are 3 weeks old and learning to fly. They also jump rather well!

A visit from Pudsey!

Pudsey came to see us in Shapinsay - we look forward to raising lots of money next week!

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