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We have been learning how shadows are made. We made shadows using the projector and we realised that shadows are made when an object blocks the light. What shadow shapes can you make?


We have been learning about the Hindu Festival of Lights - Diwali. We have learned about the story of Rama and Sita, made diva lamps from clay and designed Rangoli patterns. We also made samosas (see the latest news page).

Then we worked together to make a display our some of our favourite pieces of work:

Testing Reflective Materials

Now it is dark when we leave school we are all wearing our reflective jackets, but none of the toys had one so we tested different materials to find out which ones would be best and made them some jackets to wear so that they would be safe too.

We had to choose materials and test them by shining torches to see if they were reflective. We had to make sure our tests were fair too and that we answered the challenge.

It got a bit messy but we had fun too!

Seeing in the dark

We have been experimenting to see whether we can see in the dark. We had to try reading our names in different places. We found out that we could see our names in the classroom and under the table with the cloth over it, but not in the dark cave.

We found out that you can't see anything at all in the dark. This is because light from a light source bounces off objects and then into your eye so you can see it.

We also wanted to know whether carrots can help you see in the dark. We looked it up and found out that carrots contain Vitamin A which can help you to see better in dim light if you don't have enough Vitamin A already. Nothing can help you see in the dark other than a light source though.

We found this song too - we liked it! View it by clicking here.

Bonfire Night

Our theme this week is Bonfire Night and we have been doing lots of activities.

We made firework sound effects in music - we made screeches, pops and lots of bangs!

We have done some great firework art with Miss Angier in art - we used different things to create different effects.

The firefighters came in to talk to us about how to stay safe at the bonfire and around fireworks.

We practised how to hold sparklers safely.

We have been finding out about the story of Guy Fawkes and we did our own retellings of the story. You can see the powerpoint we used to help us by clicking here. We had an interesting discussion about who was most wrong - King James for telling people what to believe and how to worship or Guy Fawkes and the other plotters for trying to kill the king. What do you think?

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